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the things the blood flowing of our economy without oil in its form. we do not have the technology to move past that, and therefore we are at the whim of big oil on a regular basis. the insurance companies and the current medical establishment has the constant resource of funds in the form of an aging population and a consistent and sometimes, you know, you can even create a disease where there is none as far as a label goes and start treating it, whether or not it needs that kind of treating. they have a constant flow of money. there is no way to tamp down, and that's part of i guess the p.r. push of this is that necessary care is used as a way as a hammer against anybody who would want to limit their growth as far as the profit-making industry. it makes it especially as the baby boomer generation ages. let's take a break and when we come back, i would love to hear where you think the next steps can come from, because obviously health care as we have it, a lot of people, you know, said all or nothing. if i can't get a single pair, i don't want it at all, but the protections against preexi
this technology about recognition where only the owner of the gun can use it? >> it is expensive to deploy. >> stephanie: you know who has a lot of money? the nra. they have lots and lots of money. >> that's where the little hangup is. >> stephanie: harry reid showing his usual spine of steel. >> i think that perhaps some form of legislation might be appropriate some day in the future under certain circumstances. i'm sorry you heard me get so -- >> stephanie: circumstances whereby your testicles might descend at some point? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: okay. >> there you go! that's more like it. >> stephanie: exercise balls. wait a minute. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you know, somebody was saying that isn't it different after newtown and somebody on television -- i guess not. guess -- 20 dead kids, that's not enough. neil is the father of a newtown victim speaking about this. >> quite honestly, i'm really ashamed to see the congress doesn't have the guts to stand up and make a change and put a ban on these type of weapons and universal background checks. >> hard to look at the cover. i think
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2